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Our trees are listed alphabetically by botanical name.

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truncatum x A. plat. 'JFS-KW202' PP21838
Crimson Sunset® Maple
Medium-sized shade tree with an upright, compact form and deep purple summer foliage. Flourishes in the summer heat where few purple leafed plants will grow.
Height: 35'   Spread: 25'   Zone: 4
Paperbark Maple
Oval to oval-rounded crown with slender upright branching. Soft green leaves change to a brilliant orange-red in fall. Papery sheets of old bark peel to expose cinnamon-brown new bark.
Height: 25'   Spread: 15-20'   Zone: 5-8
palmatum 'Bloodgood'
Redleaf Japanese Maple
Upright variety that holds deep red leaves throughout the growing season.
Height: 15-20'   Spread: 15-20'   Zone: 5-8

palmatum 'Emperor I'®
Emperor I® Japanese Maple
Mid-sized upright tree with dark red foliage which turns brilliant scarlet in fall. Thrives better in colder climates than most Japanese Maples since leaf buds open later in spring, avoiding danger of late frosts.
Height: 15-18'   Spread: 12-15'   Zone: 5-8
palmatum 'Inabe Shidare'
Inabe Shidare Japanese Maple
Cascading, but slightly more upright than other dissected-leaf form varieties. Deep purple lace-like foliage emerges in spring, matures to purple-red by summer and finally turns bright red in fall.
Height: 15'   Spread: 20'   Zone: 5-8

rubrum 'October Glory'
October Glory Red Maple
Oval habit with brilliant red fall color. More intense color than Red Sunset. Rapid grower with nice gray bark.
Height: 45-50'   Spread: 35-40'   Zone: 3-9
palmatum 'Tamukeyama'
Red Laceleaf Japanese Maple
Vigorous grower with long cascading branches, covered with bold and coarsely dissected leaves. Foliage is noted for retaining its dark purple-red color throughout the summer. Brighter red fall color.
Height: 6-8'   Spread: 8-12'   Zone: 5-8

Here is an example of our Acer rubrum 'Red Sunset'.
rubrum 'Franksred'

Red Sunset® Maple
One of the best red maple cultivars. Great red fall color. Upright oval shape.
Height: 45-50'   Spread: 35-40'   Zone: 3-9

rubrum 'Frank Jr.' PP16769
Redpointe® Maple
Upright, broadly pyramidal form with brilliant red fall color. A straight and dominant central leader results in strong branch angles that make it easier to grow.
Height: 45'   Spread: 30'   Zone: 5

Aesculus 'Ft. McNair' in bloom
x carnea 'Ft. McNair'

Fort McNair Horsechestnut
Beautiful, round-headed tree with long, dense clusters of single, pink flowers with yellow throats. Foliage is disease resistant. Deciduous.
Height: 35'   Spread: 25-30'   Zone: 5-9
x 'Homestead'
Homestead Buckeye
Deciduous tree with panicles of yellowish-red flowers and red fall color. Prefers moist well-drained soil.
Height: 15-20'   Spread: 15-20'   Zone: 4-8

'Autumn Brilliance'
Downy Serviceberry
A multi-stemmed small tree with white flowers in early spring, brilliant red fall color and attractive light gray bark.
Height: 20-25'   Spread: 12-18'   Zone: 4-8

'Rainbow Pillar'
Rainbow Pillar Serviceberry
A dense multi-stemmed deciduous shrub with a narrowly upright and columnar growth habit. Showy white flowers in spring followed by edible berries and a brilliant scarlet fall color.
Height: 20-25'   Spread: 12-18'   Zone: 4-8
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nigra 'Dura Heat'
Dura Heat River Birch
More resilient to summer heat than the species. Dense green foliage gives way to butter-yellow fall foliage.
Height: 40-50'   Spread: 30-35'   Zone: 3-9

nigra 'Heritage'
Heritage River Birch
Fast growing tree that tolerates wet soil conditions. Exfoliating bark adds great interest.
Height: 40-50'   Spread: 30-35'   Zone: 3-9
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European Hornbeam
Medium-sized columnar to teardrop-shaped tree. Noted for fine and dense texture, ornamental winter bark and buds, dense summer foliage and unusual autumn fruits.
Height: 30-40'   Spread: 20-30'   Zone: 4-8
American Hornbeam
A slow-growing, deciduous, small to medium-sized understory tree with an attractive globular form. Performs well in moist, shady locations.
Height: 20-35'   Spread: 20-35'   Zone: 3-9
Northern Catalpa
A medium to large, deciduous tree with an irregular, open-rounded to narrow-oval crown. Showy bell-shaped, orchid-like white flowers with purple and yellow inner spotting appear in panicles in late spring.
Height: 40-70'   Spread: 20-50'   Zone: 4-8
Eastern Redbud
Often multi-trunked understory tree with a rounded crown. Noted for its stunning pea-like pink to reddish-purple flowers which bloom profusely on bare branches in early spring before the foliage emerges.
Height: 20-30'   Spread: 25-35'   Zone: 4-8
canadensis 'Forest Pansy'
Forest Pansy Redbud
A moderate to rapid-grower which has red twigs and beautiful, shimmering, scarlet-purple new leaves. Splendid, purplish-pink flowers appear all over the tree in spring, just before the leaves emerge.
Height: 20-30'   Spread: 25-35'   Zone: 4-8
Our Pot-in-Pot Chionanthus displaying its beautiful white fringe. virginicus
White Fringetree
This deciduous multi-stem tree can be used in mass or as a specimen. It performs well in a variety of conditions.
Height: 10-15'   Spread: 10-15'   Zone: 3-9
American Yellowwood
This medium sized shade tree can be beautiful as a specimen or in a mass. It has excellent foliage and flowers and is generally without problems.
Height: 30-50'   Spread: 40-55'   Zone: 4-8
kentukea 'Perkins Pink'
Perkins Pink Yellowwood
A medium-sized, deciduous tree with upright branching and a broad, rounded crown. Intensely fragrant, wisteria-like, pink flowers in large, drooping panicles will cover a mature tree in late spring. 
Height: 30-50'   Spread: 30-50'   Zone: 4-8
kousa var. chinensis
Chinese Dogwood
Multi-stemmed vase shaped small tree that is resistant to anthracnose. White flowers in June.
Height: 20-25'   Spread: 20-25'   Zone: 5-8
x kousa 'Venus'
Venus® Dogwood
Fast growing hybrid with exceptionally large white flowers. Outstanding winter hardiness, good tolerance of drought conditions and highly resistant to disease.
Height: 15-20'   Spread: 15-20'   Zone: 5-9
coggygria 'Velvet Cloak'
Velvet Cloak Smoketree
The leaves of 'Velvet Cloak' maintain their beautiful deep purple color throughout the growing season and turn an attractive orange-red in fall. Plume-like seed heads, which appear after the flowers, give a long-lasting, smoky haze to branch tips.
Height: 10-15'   Spread: 10-15'   Zone: 5-8
japonica 'Black Dragon'
Black Dragon Japanese Cedar
Light green spring growth matures to deep black-green in summer and forms a dense, irregular pyramid.
Height: 6-10'   Spread: 4-6'   Zone: 5-9
Cryptomeria japonica 'Yoshino' is available field grown as pictured here, or in container.
japonica 'Yoshino'

Yoshino Japanese Cedar
Fast growing pyramidal evergreen. Blue-green foliage through the summer turning bronze in winter.
Height: 35-40'   Spread: 20-30'   Zone: 5-9
japonica 'Gyokuryu'
Gyokuryu Japanese Cedar
A multi-leader vigorous cultivar that forms a dense broad pyramid with bright green foliage that does not bronze in winter.
Height: 5-10'   Spread: 3-7'   Zone: 5-7
leylandii 'Gold Rider'
Gold Rider Leyland Cypress
Open, horizontal branching structure is covered with dense, bright gold-tipped needle-like sprays, contrasting with lime green interior foliage.
Height: 35'   Spread: 15'   Zone: 5-9
Ed Tankard shows the height of our Leyland Cypress.
leylandii 'Leighton Green'

Green Leyland Cypress
A fast growing, blue-green conifer that provides a quick screen.
Height: 60-70'   Spread: 15-18'   Zone: 6-10
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American Beech
Large tree with rounded crown of many long, spreading and horizontal branches, producing edible beechnuts. The wide-spreading canopy provides great shade in the summer and beautiful bronze coloring in the fall. Its bark is very smooth and light gray.
Height: 90-100'   Spread: 50-70'   Zone: 4-8
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biloba 'Autumn Gold'
Maidenhair Tree
A fruitless male cultivar with a symmetrical, broadly spreading habit. Unique fan-shaped leaves turn a uniform golden yellow in autumn and persist for several weeks. When the leaves do drop, they drop rapidly, forming a golden carpet around the tree.
Height: 40-50'   Spread: 25-30'   Zone: 3-8
dioicus 'Espresso-JFS'
Espresso™ Kentucky Coffee Tree
The huge doubly compound leaves give this tree a tropical feel, and the arching branches present an elm-like form. This is a seedless selection. Good tolerance of heat, drought, and cold.
Height: 50'   Spread: 35'   Zone: 4-9
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x intermedia 'Arnold Promise'
Arnold Promise Witch Hazel
An upright, vase-shaped cultivar with ascending branches and a spreading habit. Flowers with ribbon-like bright yellow petals and red cups appear on bare branches adding amazing color to the winter landscape.
Height: 12-15'   Spread: 12-15'   Zone: 5-9
x intermedia 'Diane'
Diane Witch Hazel
Considered one of the best of the red flowering varieties, it is prized for its copper-red to red flowers. Rich, orange-red fall color on spreading branches.
Height: 8-12'   Spread: 8-12'   Zone: 5-9
x intermedia 'Jelena'
Jelena Witch Hazel
An upright cultivar with ascending branches and a spreading habit.Noted for its winter-blooming, sweetly fragrant, copper flowers.
Height: 8-12'   Spread: 8-12'   Zone: 5-9
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chinensis 'Blue Point'
Blue Point Juniper
Deer resistant. Very tough plant with an upright pyramidal form. Good looking blue green needles.
Height: 10'   Spread: 5'   Zone: 4-8
Here is an example of our field grown Juniperus virginia 'Emerald Sentinel'.
virginiana 'Emerald Sentinel'

Emerald Sentinel Red Cedar
Columnar pyramidal form retains its dark green foliage through the winter. Great for screen or specimen plantings. 1997 Penn. Hort. Society's Gold Medal Award.
Height: 15-20'   Spread: 6-8'   Zone: 3-9
chinensis 'Keteleeri'
Keteleer Juniper
Nice substitute for Juniperus virginiana. Fast growing with attractive light green foliage.
Height: 20'   Spread: 8'   Zone: 3-9
chinensis 'Robusta Green'
Robusta Green Juniper
Deer resistant. Outstanding columnar habit, somewhat irregular. Tufted brilliant green foliage.
Height: 10-15'   Spread: 2-2.5'   Zone: 3-9
chinensis 'Torulosa'
Hollywood Juniper
Upright evergreen with a slightly twisted branching habit. Fast grower and salt tolerant. Good accent or specimen plant.
Height: 15-20'   Spread: 10-12'   Zone: 5-8
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Golden Rain Tree
Produces 12-15" bright yellow panicle clusters in summer. One of the few yellow blooming ornamental trees.
Height: 30-40'   Spread: 25-30'   Zone: 5-9
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Crape Myrtle
Hybridization programs by the National Arboretum and Carl Whitcomb have resulted in cultivars that exhibit more cold hardiness, mildew resistance, recurrent blooming and interesting exfoliating bark. We offer many forms and colors to fit any landscape design.
Zone: 7-9

Lovely pink flowers of the 'Pink Velour' crape myrtle against its purple-green leaves.
'Pink Velour'

Crimson buds open to bright pink flowers in mid-summer. New growth is reddish-purple maturing to thick, purple-green leaves. Fall color is dark orange.
Height: 15-18'   Spread: 10-12'
Lagerstroemia 'Catawba' with its striking purple flowers.
indica 'Catawba'

Globose medium habit with glossy dark green foliage. Dark purple flowers. Great reddish-orange fall color.
Height: 10-12'   Spread: 10-12'
'indica 'Centennial Spirit'
Upright grower holds its red blooms erect. Red-orange fall color.
Height: 12-14'   Spread: 8-10'
Lagerstroemia 'Hopi' in summer bloom.
x faurei 'Hopi'

Semi dwarf, multi-stemmed habit with pink flowers and orange to red fall color. Considered the most hardy of the medium sized cultivars. Originated from the National Arboretum.
Height: 10-12'   Spread: 10-12'
indica 'Dynamite'
Upright growth habit, with true red flowers. A Carl Whitcomb introduction.
Height: 10-12'   Spread: 8-10'

faurei 'Muskogee'
A tall tree with prolific lavender flowers. Red-orange fall color. Our most rapid grower. Mildew resistant.
Height: 20-25'   Spread: 15-18'
Lagerstroemia 'Natchez' sitting in a field here on the nursery with an abundance of white flowers.
x faurei 'Natchez'

A multi-caned tree with light brown bark which exfoliates to cinnamon-red. Pure white flowers. Orange to red fall color. Good insect and mildew resistance, and proven the most cold hardy.
Height: 20-25'   Spread: 15-18'
x faurei 'Miami'
An upright multi-stemmed tree. Dark pink flowers. Pale bark exfoliates to reveal brown.
Height: 18-22'   Spread: 15-18'
The intense magenta-red blooms of Lagerstroemia 'Tonto'.
x faurei 'Tonto'

A multi-stem medium sized grower with magenta-red flowers. Prolific branching habit.
Height: 10-12'   Spread: 8-10'
x faurei 'Sioux'
Upright vase habit with clear pink flowers. Great resistance to powdery mildew.
Height: 15-18'   Spread:10-12'
A field-grown 'Tuscorora' crape myrtle.
x faurei 'Tuscorora'

Upright vase shaped tree with dark coral-pink flowers. Mottled, light brown bark. Orange-red fall color.
Height: 15-18'   Spread: 10-12'
Lagerstroemia 'Zuni' with its purple blooms.
x faurei 'Zuni'

A globose medium growing form with lavender flowers.
Height: 10-12'   Spread: 8-10'

Sweet Gum
East Coast native tree with strong pyramidal habit and corky bark. Fall foliage is showy red, yellow and orange.
Height: 60-75'   Spread: 40-45'
 Zone: 4-9

Tulip Tree
This excellent shade tree is a rapid grower best suited to large landscapes and park-like areas. Yellow cup-shaped, tulip-like flowers bloom in spring.
Height: 70-90'   Spread: 30-50'
 Zone: 4-9
tulipifera 'JFS-Oz'
Emerald City® Tulip Tree
Uniform growing selection is straighter and more upright, with a dominant central leader and deeper green, slightly glossy foliage.
Height: 55'   Spread: 25-35'
 Zone: 4-9
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Here is an example of our 'Edith Bogue' Magnolia.
grandiflora 'Edith Bogue'

Edith Bogue Southern Magnolia
Since 1920 this cultivar has survived in Montclair, NJ. Tested to -22 F cold hardiness. Has tight pyramidal habit with long dark green leaves and light brown undersides.
Height: 30-35'   Spread: 15-20'   Zone: 6-9
'Little Gem'
Dwarf Southern Magnolia
A dwarf Southern Magnolia with smaller dark green foliage and a very compact, upright growth habit. The leaves of this evergreen shrub or small tree are rusty-brown on the undersides. 
Height: 20-25'   Spread: 10-15'   Zone: 7-9
A field-grown Royal Star Magnolia covered with white blooms.
stellata 'Royal Star'

Royal Star Magnolia
Small multi-stem tree that produces pink buds opening to pure white flowers. This variety blooms later than the species.
Height: 15-20'   Spread: 10-15'   Zone: 4-8
Magnolia x loebneri 'Dr. Merrill'
x loebneri 'Dr. Merrill'

Dr. Merrill Magnolia
A vigorous multi-stemmed tree with an upright, oval shape. Provides an abundance of white fragrant flowers, even at an early age.
Height: 20-30'   Spread: 20-30'   Zone: 4-8
A close-up of gorgeous yellow buds on a Butterfly Magnolia tree.
x 'Butterflies'

Butterfly Magnolia
A hybrid selection with elegant yellow flowers in early May. Dark green foliage which stays clean all season.
Height: 20-25'   Spread: 20-22'   Zone: 4-8
Sweetbay Magnolia
A native semi-evergreen, shrub or small tree. Tolerant of wet conditions. Lemon scented, creamy double white flowers in May to June.
Height: 10-20'   Spread: 10-15'   Zone: 4-8
virginiana 'Henry Hicks'
Henry Hicks Sweetbay Magnolia
A graceful southern evergreen with a wide columnar habit. The leaves of this tree are whitish-green on the undersides. Creamy white, lemon scented flowers. Tolerates shade and moist soils.
Height: 10-20'   Spread: 10-15'   Zone: 5-9
virginiana 'Moonglow'
Sweetbay Magnolia
A vigorous grower with a distinctly upright growth habit and lemon-scented, creamy white flowers. The foliage is shiny green on top with silver on the underside.
Height: 35'   Spread: 18'   Zone: 4-8
x soulangiana
Saucer Magnolia
A low-branched tree with wide-spreading branches forming a pyramidal to rounded outline. Flowers are flushed pinkish-purple on the outside of the petals while the inside is white.
Height: 20-30'   Spread: 20-30'   Zone: 4-9
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sylvatica 'Hayman Red'
Red Rage® Black Gum
This broadly pyramidal tree features deep green, high gloss summer foliage which resists leaf spot, then turns bright red with the onset of fall weather.
Height: 35'   Spread: 20'   Zone: 5-9
sylvatica 'Wild Fire'
Wild Fire Black Gum
This native tree has bold red spring foliage that turns dark green for summer before burnishing an even more dramatic fiery shade of scarlet for fall.
Height: 30-50'   Spread: 20-30'   Zone: 4-9
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Eastern Hophornbeam
Small to medium-sized, deciduous tree with a generally rounded crown. Loose bark, in narrow, rectilinear strips, covers the often twisting trunk. Catkins appear just before or with the appearance of new leaves. Oval-pointed, mature leaves vary in size and turn a mild yellow in fall. Fruits are borne in a hanging, hoplike structure.
Height: 25-40'   Spread: 20-30'   Zone: 3-9
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Persian Parrotia
Small, single or multi-stemmed, low branching tree with broadly pyramidal to rounded habit. Bark exfoliates to mottled gray with age. Yellow, orange, and red fall color. Very pest free. Great specimen.
Height: 30-40'   Spread: 25-30'   Zone: 4-8
Loblolly Pine
This extremely fast-growing pine is pyramidal when young making it ideal for screening but loses its lower limbs as it grows older becoming a tall, stately specimen, windbreak, or dappled-shade tree.
Height: 50-80'   Spread: 30-35'   Zone: 6-9
acerfolia 'Bloodgood'
Bloodgood London Planetree
A large tree with symmetrical straight growth habit. Naturally exfoliating bark creates a dappled brown and cream pattern that accentuates sunlight filtering through the foliage. Reputed to be more resistant to anthracnose than the species.
Height: 80-100'   Spread: 60-80'   Zone: 4-9
Morton Circle London Planetree
This tree is densely branched, has a moderate growth rate, is light-fruiting, and shows resistance to frost cracking and anthracnose. It has attractive brown, green, tan, cream and white exfoliating bark from an early age.
Height: 60'   Spread: 30'   Zone: 4-8
American Sycamore
A native deciduous, usually single-trunk tree that typically grows to 75-100’ tall with horizontal branching and a rounded habit. This huge tree has brown bark which exfoliates in irregular pieces to reveal creamy white inner bark.
Height: 75-100'   Spread: 75-100'   Zone: 4-9

cerasifera 'Thundercloud'

Thundercloud Plum
Single pink, fragrant flowers appear before leaves emerge in spring. Retains its deep purple foliage throughout the season. Upright spreading habit.
Height: 20-25'   Spread: 15-20'   Zone: 4-8

x incamp 'Okame'

Okame Cherry
Upright oval growth habit with dark green, serrated leaves. Very prolific, double pink flowers that appear very early, before most cherries. A welcome sight after winter's drab.
Height: 25-30'   Spread: 20-25'   Zone: 5-9
subhirtella 'Autumnalis'
Autumn Blooming Higan Cherry
Delicate branches hold semi-double light pink flowers in spring and sporadic blooms in fall. Rounded growth habit.
Height: 25-30'   Spread: 20-25'   Zone: 4-8
x yedoensis
Yoshino Cherry
Very vigorous growth habit with upright, spreading branches. Pink buds open to single white flowers. Famous for flower display during the Cherry Blossom festival in Washington, DC.
Height: 30-40'   Spread: 25-30''   Zone: 5-7
calleryana 'Chanticleer'
Chanticleer Callery Pear
Upright pyramidal shape with nice display of white flowers in spring. More resistant to storm damage.
Height: 40-50'   Spread: 15-20'   Zone: 4-8


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Sawtooth Oak
An attractive, large, deciduous tree with a rounded, broad,
pyramidal shape. Leaves are finely serrated and are an attractive bright yellow-green in spring with fall color varying from dull yellow to brown.
Height: 35-45'   Spread: 35-50'   Zone: 5-9
White Oak
Pyramidal when young, but matures into a substantial tree with a wide-spreading, rounded crown. Old specimens can be massive, growing to be several hundred years old. Leaves emerge pinkish in spring, but mature to dark green. Variable fall color ranges from uninteresting browns to quality shades of dark red.
Height: 50-80'   Spread: 50-80'   Zone: 3-9
Swamp White Oak
This long-lived, easy-to-grow shade tree grows with a broad rounded crown, and is particularly noted for its large-toothed/lobed, bicolor leaves that are shiny dark green above and white to silver green beneath. Leaves turn yellow to reddish purple in fall. Mature trees have distinctive, scaly-ridged, gray-brown bark.
Height: 50-60'   Spread: 50-60'   Zone: 3-8
robur x Q. alba 'Crimschmidt'
Crimson Spire™ Oak
This fast growing, cold hardy, drought tolerant and disease resistant tree adapts to varied soils and tough urban growing conditions. Rich, dark green leaves stay fresh and bright through the heat of summer, turning rusty red to bright red in mid to late autumn. Columnar form provides the perfect vertical design element.
Height: 35-45'   Spread: 12-15'   Zone: 4-8
Here is an example of our Quercus phellos grown in a 50 gal. container.
bicolor 'Bonnie & Mike'

Beacon® Oak
Tightly columnar and urban adaptable, this oak was discovered by famed plantsman Dr.Michael Dirr. The stout upright branching structure and dense green foliage makes this an ideal street tree and provide a strong visual statement. Nice yellow fall color.
Height: 40'   Spread: 15'   Zone: 4-8
Here is an example of our Quercus phellos grown in a 50 gal. container.

Willow Oak
Small narrow leaves on graceful branches. Relatively fast grower that develops a large, rounded canopy. Well suited for street and commercial plantings. We suggest transplanting late winter into spring.
Height: 40-60'   Spread: 30-40'   Zone: 5-9
Overcup Oak
This shade tree grows slowly, forming a rounded silhouette with an open crown, large-diameter branches, and a twisted trunk. The dark green, leathery, lobed leaves have fuzzy, white undersides and turn a rich brown color before dropping in fall.
Height: 35-40'   Spread: 30-40'   Zone: 6-9
Chinquapin Oak
A medium or large tree with light gray scaly bark and a rounded crown of glossy, green foliage. The acorns are sweet and are eaten by several kinds of animals and birds.
Height: 40-50'   Spread: 50-60'   Zone: 4-7
Nuttall Oak
This large, fast growing deciduous tree has dull, dark green, lobed leaves and dark, grey/brown bark which is divided into broad, flat plates.
Height: 60-80'   Spread: 35-50'   Zone: 6-8
Pin Oak
A medium sized deciduous tree with an attractive pyramidal shape and straight, dominant trunk, even on older specimens. Green, glossy leaves borne on relatively small-diameter branches give way to brilliant red to bronze fall color attracting attention in the landscape.
Height: 50-70'   Spread: 40-60'   Zone: 4-8
Red Oak
A medium sized, deciduous tree with a rounded to broad-spreading, often irregular crown. Dark, lustrous green leaves (grayish-white beneath) with toothed lobes which are sharply pointed at the tips. Leaves turn brownish-red in autumn.
Height: 50-75'   Spread: 50-75'   Zone: 4-8


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matsunda 'Snake'
Corkscrew Willow
Fast growing upright deciduous with highly contorted branches. Unique bright green lacelate, twisted foliage. Striking tree especially in winter. Shoots desirable for floral cuts.
Height: 50'   Spread: 50'   Zone: 6-9

Korean Stewartia
An all-season performer, exhibiting a distinctive branching pattern in winter, large white camellia-like flowers in summer, and bright yellow and red foliage in autumn. The bark is flaky with color ranges from gray-brown to orange-brown, often mottled and very attractive. 
Height: 20-30'   Spread: 15-25'   Zone: 5-8

japonica 'Snowcone'

Japanese Snowbell
This dense, broadly pyramidal tree has dark green, fine textured foliage and white bell shaped flowers in late spring.
Height: 25'   Spread: 20'   Zone: 5-8
Fragrant Snowbell
Small tree or shrub with dense ascending branches. Long racemes of white fragrant flowers in May-June. Leaves are large and rounded.
Height: 20-30'   Spread: 20-30'   Zone: 5-8


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Bald Cypress
This native is perfect for wet locations. A slow grower with delicate foliage and a strong pyramidal growth habit.
Height: 50-75'   Spread: 20-30'   Zone: 4-9


plicata 'Excelsa'
Excelsa Arborvitae
Deer resistant with broadly pyramidal habit. Medium green foliage.
Height: 50-80'   Spread: 15-20'   Zone: 5-8
plicata 'Zebrina'
Zebrina Western Red Cedar
Broadly pyramidal habit with medium green foliage featuring "zebra-like" yellow stripes. Excellent deer resistance.
Height: 30'   Spread: 8-12'   Zone: 5-8

x 'Green Giant'
Giant Arborvitae
Pyramidal growth habit with dark green foliage that changes to a bronze tone in winter. Fast grower with a strong root system. Great for large hedges and screens. Deer resistant. Good alternative to 'Leyland Cypress'.
Height: 50-70'   Spread: 20-30'   Zone: 4-8

x 'Steeplechase'
Steeplechase Arborvitae
A superb, dense, narrow pyramidal shrub with fine textured, rich green foliage. An ideal hedge or screen as well as a specimen. Terrific tolerance of heat, humidity, drought, cold, and heavy ice and snow loads.
Height: 20-30'   Spread: 6-8'   Zone: 5-9
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americana 'Jefferson'
Jefferson Elm
Deep green foliage and an upright vase shape characterize this National Arboretum – National Park Service joint introduction. Tested and shown to be Dutch Elm Disease tolerant, the impressive original tree grows on the National Mall in Washington, DC.
Height: 70'   Spread: 50'   Zone: 4-7

americana 'Princeton'
Princeton American Elm
A vase-shaped, medium to large, deciduous tree with a broad-rounded crown. Magnificent yellow fall color. Resistant to Dutch Elm Disease.
Height: 50-70'   Spread: 30-50'   Zone: 3-9
x 'Allee'®
Allee® Chinese Elm
Unique upright and arching growth habit, dense rich green foliage and gray, tan and orange mottled bark create a beautiful shade or street tree. Excellent resistantance to Dutch Elm Disease and elm leaf beetle.
Height: 60-70'   Spread: 35-55'   Zone: 4-9
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serrata 'Green Vase'
Japanese Zelkova
A shade tree with upright-arching branches. Excellent dark green foliage turns orange-brown to bronzy red in fall. Adaptable to varied soils and climates.
Height: 60-70'   Spread: 40-50'   Zone: 5-8


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