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Our Services

Here at Tankard Nurseries, customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We accomplish this not only by delivering top quality plants but also by backing up every order with exceptional customer service. We offer many services to make our customers' jobs easier.

We offer custom printed tags. We can print tags with your company's logo, SKU numbers and pricing or jobsite information. The plants arrive at your door tagged and ready to sell or plant for just $0.25 per tag. We can also provide picture tags for all our azaleas and roses.

We are proud to offer just in time delivery for our customers. Stocking inventory can represent considerable risk and expense; therefore we believe our just in time delivery service can help your profit margin.

We are also happy to deliver to jobsites. We know handling plants fewer times decreases costs and insures quality and transplant success.

All shipments are delivered by our own ten-wheel trucks or eighteen-wheel tractor and trailers or by a sole outside contractor. This allows us to offer terms on freight, so you no longer have the hassle of getting a COD freight check signed at the time of delivery.


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