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"A Tankard Specialty"

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Aphrodite Azalea
Glenn Dale Hybrid
Single pink flowers. Late season. Erect, broad growth habit not over 4'. Dark lustrous evergreen foliage.

Blaauw's Pink Azalea
Blaauw's Pink
Kurume Hybrid
Double pink flowers. Mid season. Large, semi-upright habit. Very hardy. 

Conversation Piece Azalea
Conversation Piece
Robin Hill Hybrid
Mostly pink and white flowers with red and white blotches. Late season. Large, loose growth habit.

Delaware Valley White Azalea
Delaware Valley White
Large single white flowers. Mid season. Compact growth habit. Our most popular white.

Gillie Azalea
Robin Hill Hybrid
Large single peach flowers. Late season. Large, spreading habit.

Girard's Crimson Azalea
Girard's Crimson
Girard Hybrid
Single crimson flowers. Mid season. Large growth habit with glossy leaves. Tested hardy in Ohio.

Girard's Fuchsia Azalea
Girard's Fuchsia Girard Hybrid
Single wine-purple flowers. Mid season. Compact, semi-upright habit. Nice fall color.

Gumpo Pink
Satsuki Hybrid
Big soft pink ruffled flowers. Late season. Low and mounding growth habit.

Gumpo White
Satsuki Hybrid
Single white flowers. Late season. Compact grower with sporadic blooms.

Satsuki Hybrid
Reliable, pale pink flowers. Late season. Compact growth habit.
Hershey Red Azalea
Hershey Red
Kurume Hybrid
Double bright red flowers. Early to mid season. Compact growth habit.
Higasa Azalea
Satsuki Hybrid
Extremely large, single coral-pink flowers. Late season. Broad, low growth habit. Consistent bloomer.

Hino Crimson Azalea
Hino Crimson
Kurume Hybrid
Single true red flowers. Early season. Medium growth habit with glossy green foliage.

Satsuki Hybrid
Single, bright pink flowers, with a heavily spotted rose-red throat. Medium growth habit. Late season.

Jindai Satsuki Hybrid
Variable red and white flowers. Late season. Low grower with dark green foliage. 

Johanna Azalea
Vuyk Hybrid
Single red flowers. Late season. Vigorous, large growth habit.

Kaempo Azalea
Satsuki Hybrid
Single pink flowers. Late season, but earlier than other Satsukis. Low, spreading growth habit.

 Macrantha Azalea
Single red flowers. Late season. Large growth habit. Reliable grower.

Madame Butterfly Azalea
Madame Butterfly
Deerfield Hybrid
Single white, tinged pale lavender flowers. Mid season. Large growth habit.

Mother's Day Azalea
Mother's Day
Hahn Hybrid
Single red flowers. Mid season. Very compact, almost miniature growth habit. Good for forcing.

Nancy of Robin Hill Azalea
Nancy of Robin Hill
Robin Hill Hybrid
Pastel double pink flowers. Late season. Compact growth habit. 

Pink Cascade
Harris Hybrid
Pink flowers. Mid to late season. Compact to medium trailing habit with small leaves.

Pleasant White Azalea
Pleasant White
Girard Hybrid
Single white flowers. Late season. Large, spreading habit. Good landscape azalea. Lighter foliage than most Girards.

Poukhanensis Compacta Azalea
Poukhanensis Compacta
Single lavender flowers. Early season. Medium habit, considered compact version of the species.

Renee Michelle Azalea
Renee Michelle Girard Hybrid
Single reddish-pink flowers. Late season. Medium habit with uniform growth. Tested hardy in Ohio.
Sherwoodi Azalea
Sherwoodi Glenn Dale Hybrid
Lavender flowers. Mid season. Orchid-like flowers with good contrasting foliage. Large habit and strong grower.

Sir Robert
Robin Hill Hybrid
Variable pink and white flowers. Late season. Mounding, compact growth habit. A good substitute for finicky Gumpo Pink.
Stewartstonian Azalea
Gable Hybrid
Single brick red flowers. Mid season. Tall, upright growth habit. Extremely hardy.
Tradition Azalea
Kurume Hybrid
Single fluorescent pink flowers. Mid season. Small to medium growth habit.



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